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Hi, my name is Lisa Cool. I’m wife to my loving husband, mom to 12 beautiful children, and owner of MomsCoolLife LLC. As many of you know, feeding a large family is expensive, especially in today’s world. With so many mouths to feed, 8 growing boys, and picky eaters all around… I’m always looking for ways to maximize what we have, minimize waste, and save money on groceries.

A few years back, my sister-in-law brought up buying a “freeze dryer” and I went down the rabbit hole. The price tag delayed me a bit, but we scrimped and saved and 6 months later we were able to buy. I laugh now, but when it arrived, I was too scared to open it for a whole year. A whole year. Where would I start? Where will I put it? What if I break it? I was flooded with self-doubt.

The good news is, I finally got started and learned how to use it. It’s made such a big difference for my family and it’s one of the smartest choices I’ve made as a mother. I’ve been able to stock up on so many foods and using my machine they preserve their original nutrients and can be safely preserved for up to 25 years. I want to share my delight in how simple everyday foods can be changed into exquisite treats that are light weight, burst with flavor and come with new textures and sensations!

I’m starting this blog to share my story and journey with you. Thank you for spending this time with me and hearing my story. In my next blog post, I’ll provide more information on the art of freeze drying and how it can benefit you! I hope you come back to learn more.

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Junk Journal Newbies
Junk Journal Newbies
11 de out. de 2023

Our family loves your freeze dried candy!

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