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Let's dive a little deeper into where this journey began..

After about 8 years of running my licensed large family childcare in California and caring for our 4 children, I received a Facebook message that would change our families lives forever.

One Sunday morning in November at around 5am I received a Facebook alert that I had a message, this message was from my aunt. She asked if I would be the mommy to a baby who didn't have one. I immediately woke up my husband. And this is where our journey began.

This is the first photo I took of him; he was just under 4 pounds at the time. My husband and I began the adoption process right away, we named our new little angel Ryder.

Not long after, we picked up and moved to Florida with hopes of having more space for our growing family.

Skip ahead a few years and we received that call again. Ryder's baby brother had been born. I flew to California and picked him up as soon as we got the green light. We named him Harley. We couldn't be happier. The boy's bond was immediate.

While living in Florida waiting for the adoption process to be finalized, we fostered many other children. One of the last group of children we fostered also needed a permanent home. We decided to adopt all 6 of that sibling group as well. And here we are with 12 Kids! 8 boys and 4 girls. Now that is a lot of mouths to feed! I am now the CEO of our large family and primary chaos coordinator.

As the CEO of our large family (with 8 boys), I desperately needed a way to save money on groceries by never letting anything go to waste. With 8 of our children being adopted, many of them having very little variety in their previous diets, we were blessed with some very picky eaters. Feeding a large family can be expensive, (as you all know) especially these days, but these picky eaters were providing an additional challenge for us as parents when introducing new food items without wasting large amounts of uneaten food. We made them food they were used to as well as new foods to try every single night. But what to do with all that extra food that they were not willing to take more than one bite of? We surely cannot waste it! There had to be a solution.

After a lot of research, I stumbled on the words “freeze-dryer” during a casual conversation with a family member. I had no idea what it was, what it would do, what it would cost or how it would benefit us, but I was interested. My sister-in-law, Tina said “Oh, look it up, I know you will want one!” I am always willing to try something new, especially something that may improve a current life challenge, so I began my freezer dryer research right away.

Just a few minutes of research and I was sold! I was ready to order!! Then I found out the price and cringed. I didn’t have that kind of money in my wallet! However, I quickly came up with a plan. I started selling little things we didn’t need or want on marketplace. I saved every penny and hid my little cash stack of $2.00 & $5.00 items away… and finally 6 months later, I ordered it!! But then another roadblock. I was too scared to open it. For a year. Yes, an entire year! All I could think was that I could break it, it cost a lot, I don’t know how to use it, I don’t know where to put it or where to begin. I just backed away in fear. I can laugh about that now, but at the time I was full of self-doubt.

The good news is, I finally broke out the machine and started learning. One foot in front of the other. Now I am ready to share this great gift of knowledge with all of you. This is one of the smartest choices that I have made as a mother. I have been able to stock up on lots of foods and have learned that with the use of this machine I can preserve food for up to 25 years!! I Can also preserve the original nutrients in foods without cooking them out. I want to share my delight in how simple everyday foods can be changed into exquisite treats that are light weight, burst with flavor and come with new textures and sensations!

First, let's start with the basics. What is freeze-drying?

Freeze-drying is a preservation technique that involves removing the moisture from a substance while it is frozen, resulting in a lightweight, shelf-stable product with a longer shelf life compared to its original form. This process is also known as lyophilization.

freeze-dried candy is a lightweight, crunchy, and often airy treat that retains its original flavor and color. Because the candy has had its moisture content removed, it becomes very dry and can have an almost "melt-in-your-mouth" quality when consumed.

Freeze-dried candy is popular for its unique texture and intense flavor, as well as its long shelf life. It's commonly used in space missions, camping foods, and as a novelty snack. It's important to note that while freeze-dried candy can be a fun and tasty treat, the freeze-drying process can alter the texture and taste of the candy, so the experience is different from traditional candy.

The crunchiness and dissolvability can be very appealing for those seeking something different and unique. These candies provide a burst of taste that can be more intense than the natural flavors of the original candy.

lightweight nature of freeze-dried candies, along with their longer shelf life compared to regular candies, makes them convenient for on-the-go snacking and outdoor activities. Freeze-dried candy can evoke feelings of nostalgia while offering a modern twist. If you are adventurous in your food choices, seeking out new and exciting taste experiences. And want the latest innovation in snacking Freeze-dried candies can cater to this desire for culinary exploration.

Here are some of the great things I will be sharing with you in detail:

-Introduction to freeze drying


-Product reviews

-DYI and tutorials

-Comparisons such as flavor exploration

-Classes and videos

-Health and nutrition

-unique snack ideas

-Recipe ideas

-Barter opportunities

-Raffles, polls and prizes

-Education and entertainment for foodies

Next time we will begin to explore a deeper introduction into the art of freeze drying and how it can benefit you in your life.

Thank you for spending this time with me and hearing my story and I hope you come back to learn more.

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